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oct 18th, 2008-This is an excerpt from my very first show in Berlin. so far, I have decided to just name the piece after the the event; WE ARE @LOVELITE, which has its own bit of character.

I was torn between placing this piece into this collection or into my RECURSIVE ARTIFACTS collection so i compromised...i place one here and another piece that i played on the same night but actually created years ago, there.

the night was electric and i had the support of many new friends. this recording was made by the owner of lovelite and as such, has that wonderful live sound with crowd noise and applause. makes me think that i may need to start recording my sets with a mic.

i picked this excerpt because it marked the point in my set where, lets just say, i started to see pretty colors...i'll leave it at that.


from BERLIN: The Sonic Diary of Onyx Ashanti (2008), released October 9, 2008




Onyx Ashanti Berlin, Germany

"If Tony Stark played jazz and had a more creative superhero name, he would be Onyx Ashanti."-

Beatjazz is what you get when you cross a sci-fi obsessed electronic jazz artist with a futurologist instrument inventor. Onyx Ashanti creates all aspects of his self-created style, live, from scratch...nothing pre-recorded or pre-concieved.
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